Benefits of daily flex outside of efficiency

So I am considering switching from monthly flex to daily flex and dialing in my advanced settings. I enjoy tinkering with settings like that and understanding my lawn more. I just wonder if there are any benefits to the lawn itself when doing this. Or is it strictly to help conserve water?
I would prefer to slightly over water and have green grass over saving a few bucks and starving the lawn.

As I understand it watering “just right” will encourage deeper roots and thus healthier grass. Overwatering will encourage shallower root growth. Obligatory “not an expert”.

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As NCSuggs says, it should help you water “just right”. Flex Monthly uses average monthly values to determine how much and how often to water. Flex Daily uses actual temperatures, humidity, wind, sunlight and rainfall to determine what is required. So in cooler than normal weather, your system will not overwater (saving water and money) and it hotter than normal weather, it will apply more water, keeping your grass that nice green you want.

And your interest in advanced settings should help you make it the right balance.


I think you meant to say flex daily in the latter part of your response?
That does sound like what I want. I found that with flex monthly I was doing manual supplemental waterings on hot days and In The cooler months it was watering too much.

Does Rachio assume a certain grass cut height in its calculations? In the summer my yard can survive with less water if I cut longer.

That is all correct. I corrected my statement.

They would use average cut height. But you’re definitely right again: Letting your grass grow longer helps hold water better by shading the roots better, effectively reducing the Kc value.

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