Basic suggestion: Make app useable

That might sound harsh, but pretty much everything I want this app to do…I can’t figure out to do any of it. And the things i need it to do is really pretty simple, but there’s no easy way seemingly to do the few basic things i need it to do, such as:

  1. Give us an easy way to activate a zone back in to the schedule . When I turn a previously disabled zone, it won’t show up on the schedule. It just gives you a yellow exclamation mark and says it’s “unscheduled” I’ve punched buttons everywhere in the program, but no easy way to get it watering again.

  2. An easy way to change the watering time. Good grief how basic is that? A Rachio tech walked me through it over the phone and i was quite surprised to see just how burried and difficult it is in the software. Now again, I have no idea how to get back to this simple basic function. Thats not right. Basic changes should be that…basic to set.

Currently, the software is not a good user experience at all. After 6 months of ownership, I really can’t recommend this system with the current user interface. For me it’s very unintuitive.

Sorry you are having issues with the app. I will be sure to forward all of this feedback and suggestions to our product team.

We listen to each and every customer and continue to strive to make our app easier to use and more intuitive. Look for software releases all Spring and Summer.

Thanks again for your feedback.


I have found this far easier than any of the manual sprinklers with the dial and buttons to make all the changes.

Yes, there is always room for improvement.

I started with the web page, found it easier to move around with more info on the screen. Now I use the app based on the familiarity of the concepts from the web.

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I went in today and used the online web app for the first time instead of the iPhone app. WAAAAY easier! I got the job done in under a minute. Glad to hear they are currently revamping the phone app! It needs it! Thanks for stealing me to the web!

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@PaulDoty - glad you found a solution!

@PaulDoty, just curious have you encountered any other difficulties in the mobile app besides the the issues you initially noted? Is there anything we could have done better in our support articles to address the confusion?

I believe this support article will direct you to details for both issues you addressed.

Additionally, our 2.5 app release should simplify schedules as well :smile:

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