Bad Valve...Selenoid Maybe?!?

Greetings all! I’m having an issue with my sprinkler system…specifically, one zone (zone #2) slightly opens when any other zone runs. I exposed the valve (for zone #2), and noticed tonight when I ran any other zone, that there was “ratteling”…almost like a water hammer effect and could feel the ground vibrating around the valve.

What do you guys think - bad valve? Can I possibly just replace the guts and selenoid without having to cut out the valve and piece one back in there?!?

Thanks for the help!


@Jaggz - more likely the valve diaphragm or dirt in the valve. Do you have a master valve on the system that shuts off the water to the system when it is not running?

The first thing to try is to take out the solenoid and run the system for a minute or less and see if it will flush out the debris through the solenoid hole. If that doesn’t work, then take the top off the valve and replace the guts.

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Yes, there’s a master valve…last year I replaced the internals on that valve as it was leaking. It’s been running fine for the last year…I just recently noticed the zone running issue. Does the solenoid just unscrew off the top of the valve?

@Jaggz - probably so. May depend on the make/model. Post a picture and specify make/model if you have questions. Or rebuild that valve like the master valve was last year.

@DLane OK, morning update…dug up the valve…Hunter PVG Valve…there was a small amount of dirt around the diaphragm. Washed everything off, reassembled & tested. All seems to be working as designed! I’ll watch it for a bit but that seemed to be the issue! Thank you so much!!!