Bad PWS data messed up Flex schedule?

Lesson learned, I guess, for using a PWS. It looks like the one I normally use went down and it defaulted to a different PWS? Inside of the WebApp, It looks like it generated bad data. It says it rained 0.55" on both Wednesday and Thursday in my moisture levels. It rained Wendesday, but not Thursday. However, looking at the data from it at I see no indication it reported any rain on Thursday like the Web App says for this PWS. I’ve switched over to a NWS one instead, which I guess I need to stay with.

Now all of my zones are way above their thresholds and don’t want to water for 5+ days, yet I know they’re going to need water before then. Is the only fix to wait until Monday for the soil moisture empty/fill feature?

Yes, if you have opted into PWS and we can’t retrieve data from your preferred station we pick the next closest one.

If you PM me your username I can remove the extra precip that happened on Thursday.


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