Automatic Seasonal Shift Adjustments

Despite being in drought conditions (just over 1/5" in over 6 months) and temps still above 100, I just received my seasonal shift emails with significant cutbacks in my various watering schedules. I’ve already been doing manual watering to keep our vegetation alive. Seems that with the climate warming Rachio needs to skew these adjustments more toward current conditions than past averages!

Unless someone has a better suggestion, guess I need to convert everything to fixed schedules and use my Rachio as a dumb controller before the. rest of our yard wilts away,. Ugh

I think this is needs to be more reagional or utilize the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones (Something…Not sure what it would be) to determine when seasonal shift should happen based on zip code. I can’t say I have the same issues as for me in North Texas this is the same time we have to lower our watering rates to once a week for conservation purposes and my flex monthly is doing so. Doesn’t seem to impact Bermuda or Zoysia since temps are also starting to fall lowering evap rates.

Have you looked at using Flex Daily? That keeps up with current conditions.

That is the problem with historical data. It doesn’t know the “new climate crisis normal”.