Automatic adjustment for weather

If I set up dates, times, and watering durations if we have a very hot day here in the Palm Springs area will it automatically extend the duration time if needed.

@rwilabee If you enable water budgeting on your schedule we will, on a weekly basis, increase or decrease your watering times based on real time weather data.

We are releasing a 2.0 version of the app very soon with a concept called flex schedules. These schedules will automatically adjust the watering frequency. Hotter months we will water more frequent, cooler months we will water less frequently. Stay tuned!


I am sorry but I am still confused on this point. @franz you mention “weekly basis” (apparently with pre-2.0 software) and “hotter months”, and the 2.0 Preview blurb here talks about “watering frequency throughout the year.”

Where I am in northern CA typical summer highs are mid-90s. In two days the high is forecasted to be 108. I would ideally like to see all my plants watered heavily the day before and possibly even in the afternoon briefly on the hot day. Would that happen? (I am on the verge of buying a Iro). Thank you!

@DavisCA With 2.0 flex schedules, we track daily evapotranspiration and will water when your zone is depleted of soil moisture. So conceptually how you have defined your zone (characteristics) will dictate how frequently and how often we water. We also have fixed schedules which allow you to take full control of the system.