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@Franz, any chance of shipping with auto switching 110/240v power supply in future? Or just option of 240v

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Would you mind showing me a photo of your set up so i can copy it.

I dont understand how u used the white cable from the bare end adaptor as well as the right angle plug from the rachio adaptor.

Can i just use both cables form the bare end adaptor into the +ve and -ve 24V slots (on the far right of the rachio wire input panel)?

I tried using a USA to NZ adaptor plug in front of the american ended rachio plug supplied and blew a fuse.

Any help much appreciated as I have had limited success trying to set up my rachio 3 in NZ.

Also are you using Gen 3 or Gen 2?


@wateringcan - what @mdnz did was to cut (:scream:) the white wire from the Rachio power supply and then splice the cut end of the Rachio power cord (with the right angle plug) onto the bare ends from the power supply. It doesn’t matter which wire is connected to which from the power supply. The cut piece can be as long or as short as one would like, but I’d give myself at least 6 inches (hmm what is that in metric) to play with. One can also shorten the wire from the adapter to have less slack in the wire.

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Cheers DLane I understand now.

Thanks @DLane, that’s exactly the case.
I possibly should have been a little clearer of cut and splice/join

@wateringcan, I am happy to send you any further info if needed

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Thats ok, all good cheers.

Instead of splicing the cable from the Rachio supplied adapter - I bought a 2.1mm plug from Jaycar also, trimmed the top of the plastic (see photo), so that it would fit inside the unit instead of a 90 degree plug. Soldering the Jaycar power supply with bare wires was super easy!. Jaycar code for plug was PPO510.

If you didnt have a Torx driver to open the unit, Jaycar also have a kit TD2021. A T15 Torx unit worked for me. Hope that helps!

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