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Hi There,

Very eager to use the Rachio, unfortunately it does not ship to Australia.

I can buy via Amazon but would need to change the power cord to 240 volts for AU and the angled pins of an AU plug.

Has anyone bought and set up successfully in Australia or another non US location?


@moyesn, some users have recommended the following power supplies:


Hope this helps :smile:

Let me know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Best, Emil


Thank you for the details / links - have progressed now and purchased.


I live in Argentina and would like to know if you have some issues regarding the Rachio clock, due to the difference voltage/Hz.
USA use 50Hz and we use 60Hz in old devices this difference make the clock work faster.

@hrnieto, thanks for reaching out. We have a handful of users in countries across the world. Many of them had to source local power adaptors/convertors that satisfied the electric requirements of the Iro, however I haven’t heard of any issues related to the clock running fast. I’d assume this is due to 1) the power adaptor limiting the voltage/Hz going into the Iro to 50Hz, and 2) the Iro’s logic is clouded based – therefore the clock in the Iro is only used if the controller looses WiFi connectivity and needs to run the backup schedule saved on the hardware.

I hope this helps. Maybe some other international users can confirm their experience using the Iro with a local power adaptors/convertors.

Best, Emil

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Hi Emil,
Thanks for your answer, perfectly clear, I’m eager to get my Rachio and start using it.
By the way, your support is awesome!

@hrnieto, awesome! We’re excited to have you join the Rachio community :smile:

Amazon usually ships internationally if you’re looking for a supplier. Out of curiosity, how did you learn about Rachio?

I’m trying to make my old house smarter, so I 'veen searching for smart devices, such as Nest, smart plugs, etc, and thats how I found Rachio.

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I just got my Rachio 3 here in Australia, just wondering is the power supply the same for the 2 and 3. That is do the ones you’ve linked to work for a Gen 3?



The power supply for the Gen2/Gen3 is the same. Do note that for the Gen3 you will want to one with a right angle since the form factor of the Gen3 is different.


Great thanks for that I was going to pick up a straight connector tomorrow, will rethink!

Here is a better picture for you,

Also curious how weather intelligence plus is down there. I would recommend choosing a PWS station and seeing how many options you have to choose from.

Screenshot from 2018-05-20 01-47-13

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Thanks, I’ll let you know how Weather Intelligence is once I get it powered up!

I’m new to Rachio, so not sure,

is that what you’re interested in seeing?

If you toggle to ‘Weather Station’ (from Weather Network) curious how many PWS are around you.

Screenshot from 2018-05-21 12-33-31

There’s a few near by this user at least is succesful with gen 2


Hi @JohnDoh what power supply with a right angle did you go for in the end? Where did you buy it?

FI just bought a bare end adapter from jay car and used the white cable and right angle plug from the Rachio adaptor

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