As Needed Schedule Setup Crashing Controller

I have a Gen 2 controller that I have been using with Flex schedules for almost a month. After yesterdays update I decided to try and setup a few new “As Needed” schedules and then enable them once I was comfortable with the duration they had picked for each Zone. I was able to setup the Grass zones in a new As Needed schedule without issue. When trying to setup my Plant Drip Zone is where the weirdness started. I first attempted this last night and when clicking “Create” at the end of the schedule setup process it stayed processing for a few mins and then eventually told me it had lost connection. I exited out of the app and went back in to find my controller was now offline. Since I was already in bed, I waited till the morning (not sure if my flex AND As Needed Grass Schedules executed with the controller offline??) to find that my controller was still offline. I went to check it out, all lights were solid blue, I pulled the power and it came back online after the power cycle.

Skip to this afternoon, I was able to re create my Grass As Needed schedule and a new schedule for my Tree Drip, but sure enough, when trying to create the Plant Drip As Needed schedule it froze again and the controller is now showing offline. I am at work, so I can’t power cycle again right now, but not sure what to do at this point other than power cycle again when I get home and leave the Flex schedule in place for the Plant Zone.

**Also, FYI, the first crash happened while using the Android app and the second crash happened on the Web app.

@aaronlhx82, schedule creation should not be causing the controller to go offline. We’ll review your account and be in touch.