"As Needed" doesn't support odd/even

Rachio is working on it ChicagoAndy but they have a superior type of scheduling system called “Flex” that used to be in the app and was recently removed. Rachio knows customers felt the loss and are working on a fix that brings much of the Flex feature set back into the app but in the meanwhile they have a beta page where you can once again easily create a “Flex” program and that includes the ability to set odd/even restrictions. I did mine in 1 minute and it works perfectly…


I’d like to (hopefully) clear up any confusion.

Our normal scheduling (fixed) and flex scheduling fully supports intervals/odd/even/specific days etc. We introduced a new schedule type (water as needed) that does not currently support those restrictions.

Regarding flex, you can continue to access it here https://flex-app.rach.io and we are iterating and working on a better long term solution.

Sorry if this has caused any confusion, I’d just like everyone to understand that we are listening and determining what software will be in our very next release.