As a new user, here are my suggestions

  1. Add an establishment watering mode for new plantings. Bonus points if it automatically adjusts intervals as the plant becomes more established. You’d basically setup a new schedule and it would ask if these were new plants, if yes, be more aggressive with the watering.

  2. Fix the activity stack issues in the Android app. On my first launch through setup, and running some manual zones, you have to hit the hardware back button a dozen times before the app actually closes. You need to clear the stack at various points.

  3. The use of keyboard in the Android app is implemented incorrectly in places. You shouldn’t need to use the hardware back button to dismiss the keyboard, it should dismiss by tapping outside a text entry field. Attention should be paid to the contextual button as well. The use of “next” or “done” etc should make sense. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. These are sort of minor but frustrating. Easy example: In “edit watering time” just enter something for the name, the keyboard is set to add a new line, not move to the next field or dismiss with done.

  4. Drip setups are all over the place when it comes to the flow rate. One thing that is common though, they list the GPH. Why that isn’t an option in custom nozzles is puzzling. Instead, you have to go online and use a converter or bust out the calculator. It would be a big help if you broke down the nozzle types a lot more. 1gph emitter, 2gph emitters, bubbler set to ~6gph etc.

  5. I ran my first zone manually a half dozen times for only a few minutes while I was adding and checking emitters. The app then said my water use was over 200 gallons. That’s way, way off. Then I dug deeper and assumed it must be the default 1000 sq ft area used in the calculation? Why are you using sq footage for this? Why not just allow the user to enter the number and type of nozzles in a zone? Example: Zone 1 = 6 bubblers, Zone 2 = 10 emitters, Zone 3 = 2 bubblers + 3 rotary etc etc. From that you can calculate water use far more accurately.

  6. Allow entering a test mode where you may be turning on and off zones strictly to test nozzles or do repairs. When in that mode, it shouldn’t count towards the “bank” of water in the ground. This would be nice when you’re installing a whole new drip line and are briefly testing each new nozzle as you go.

After day 1 of use, beyond the few hiccups, it’s been a great experience. I can’t wait to see where you guys take this product and congratulations on what looks to be a pretty smooth launch of v2.


I would love to see this feature. :wink:

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@cfwiggum, thanks so much for the great suggestions! Love the ideas.

Have a fantastic day.

++1 here!