Arizona Watering Schedule

I just installed a Rachio 3 and love the control from my phone, but not sure how to setup the best schedule. Due to being in Arizona our old timer watered daily, so a little nervous to have this go off just 1 time a week baaed on the flex time schedule.

Another challenge is that our yard was setup with emitters with all different types of plants on each station as listed below.

  1. Front yard - trees, palms and cactus on emitters. (Currently watering daily for an hour)

  2. Back yard - trees, palms, cactus and vegetable garden on emitters. (Currently watering daily for an hour)

  3. Back yard - grass on pop up heads. (Currently watering daily for 8min)

I think we might need to change some of the emitter heads too since the builder used the same ones on each type of plant.

Also with it cooling off (Fall now) might have different summer and winter scheduled

Any suggestions on watering days/times and even emitters from someone in a similar situation would be amazing. I don’t want to over water and definitely don’t want to kill our plants.

Thanks in advance!