Arizona Blue Ice Cypress Trees - Best Setup?

Hi All, I’m new to the community. Wanted some help with the setup of my Drip Irrigation for my Blue Ice Cypress Trees.
I’be just had 116 Blue Ice Cypress tree planted and want them to survive!! I have a drip line irrigation system fitted which will give each tree 3 inches per hour (I tested with a bucket which is 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet and it filled 3 inches).
II’m based in Dallas, Texas and I wanted help with my setup. I currently have the settings as follows -
Shrubs - is this correct??
I calculated the area by using 3 foot for each tree (1.5 x 1.5) - so then 116 x 3 =348.
I currently have the Foot Depth of 15 inches - is this right for this type of Tree?
We have Clay loam, Lots of Sun, Flat land. What should I set the Allowed Depletion, Efficiency, and Crop Coefficient?
Thank for any hep anyone can offer.

Hey @MrWarski. This is how I set up my trees that are on drip.

Drip Emitter Calculator for Precipitation Rate & Area

Look through the Water-Use-Wisely info. to see their comments about drip and how the amount of water delivered might relate to canopy size. You might need to do some research on your specific trees and how much water they require. Since they are growing, you’ll also want to make adjustments as they mature.

That precipitation rate you use seems quite high to me. It’s great that you measure the output, but keep in mind that the output into a pan would be very uniform, but as it drips slowly into soil there will be much more vertical displacement under each emitter and less the further away you go from the head. That’s what makes setting up inches per hour tough for drip, and why I came up with a way to do it based on a total number of gallons delivered per watering. I hope this helps rather than confusing the matter!

Try the drip calculator from Netafim:

Thanks for the help, very useful.