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Yes, it’s hilarious how many people took the trouble to explain how they really wanted to buy a Rachio system but did not when they realized it did not support HomeKit… why would they post again anyway, until units came out that supported HomeKit? Many of them might return, and start posting, when Rachio supports HomeKit - in fact I would hope the company would email each of those accounts (including mine) if they ever do announce support.

I really like how Rachio works, I have a friend who has the system and really likes it. But at this point I’m not buying new smart systems from the home unless they support HomeKit, and I thought it was important to let the company know another person is not going to buy a unit until they know it will be supported (even if the hardware shipped earlier without support initially but it could be added later via update, I’d be in).

I didn’t see a lot of people respond much to why they wanted HomeKit integration, so I thought I’d expand on my reasons - basically what I want out of the system is the possibility of control and examination of data from other apps. Like what if I wanted to wire in moisture sensors to some parts of the lawn and trigger extra watering if they didn’t get enough from the normal watering stations? Or I might have a console alerting me to any problems across the whole house, in which a Rachio alarm might be one of many items…

The Rachio app is really nice, and I’m sure I’d use it. But like I said I want the possibility to use that data across other apps as well, or to be able to control the system in other ways or for other reasons.

Also as someone else noted, smart device security is growing more and more important and while it may seem strange to think about security from something like a sprinkler system, if an attacker got in they could potentially use the sprinkler controller as a bridge to break into other computers in the house, or also launch DOS attacks on websites from as part of a botnet (as they have done with many, many internet connected webcams). Being part of HomeKit means more than just the “Apple Logo” which was referred to at some point, it means a certification of a certain level of security.


Hey @kgelner,

Thank you for giving more context to the value of the HomeKit integration. It is important to know about people who are not purchasing Rachio because of this missing feature. Again, we cannot give any more details about possible integration with Apple HomeKit, but I can assure you we are listening to your feedback and making decisions accordingly!

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Unfortunately your answer is one of the most ‘canned’ answers to see from support from any company (we can not give details but are listening…). Over the course of 20 years I have learned that this exact answer usually means - it will not happen, we need to keep (potential) customers happy though - holding a carrot in front of them. Looking through this forum and several threads, you see that the demand for HomeKit integration is big and not just a fad and there is a real demand for it, and this not only since the 2nd generation. And yes, I am one of those who specifically had to create an account here to say this, even though next to this I have nothing to say in this community as I do not own the product. And yes, also for me a non-integration is a deal breaker. Just think of all the business lost from all the people who do not go through the effort to create an account and to leave their voice behind.


Count me as another potential waiting on HomeKit integration. I would buy today as long as I knew HomeKit capability would be possible via a firmware upgrade to the currently shipping HW. I just don’t want to buy hardware and then have to repeat that purchase. Until I know for sure, I have to sit and wait. Ring has given that guidance on their products and I bought my Ring Pro this week knowing HomeKit is coming. I wish Rachio could do something similar. Looks like a fantastic product and I am excited to integrate it into my smart home!



You do understand that HomeKit doesn’t support irrigation as a concept right? So it is not up to rachio, right? You do understand that rachio is under nda regarding anything concerning home kit that has not been released right? The canned response is because of the legal system.

Go look at the developer docs for HomeKit, it will explain everything I have stated here in this post.


This is an interesting discussion and I learned a little about HomeKit from reading it. One thing I’m not clear on is, as the developers say, how would you use it with Rachio.

I have an Apple TV and Hue lights in my home so I connected it to HomeKit. It’s nice that I can now use Siri to turn on my lights and the HomeKit app to do it, but this is pretty thin functionality. Maybe some day it’ll be cool.

In contrast, I’m not seeing it as adding much actual functionality for Rachio in the near future. It just doesn’t look like HomeKit has any features that apply to watering. Longer future, sure. It’s possible. Developers should add the hardware in future gens. Today? I don’t know.

Beyond functionality, one thing some users looked to HomeKit for is improved security. Improving security is a great thing. Especially for home automation. But, from what I can see, the security is only for the IP connection between the HomeKit devices and the device controllers and not from the device controllers to the devices or from the device controllers to their own cloud infrastructure. Security isn’t like peanut butter. Spreading a little security on a new connection doesn’t add security to the connections you already have. It just makes the new integrations (e.g., with HomeKit) secure. So unless I’m missing something, not having the HomeKit connection provides at least as much security to your Rachio system as adding a secure HomeKit connection would do.


HomeKit will support irrigation systems with iOS 11


+1 I have wanted one of these for a while. I am moving to a new house soon and would love to install one. However I won’t get it until I hear HomeKit support is coming and with iOS 11 around the corner removing hardware requirements for HomeKit support, I hope that is soon.




Not being an apologist for Apple or Rachio, but I just opened the Home app on my iPhone 7 running iOS 11.1.2 and when selecting the Learn About Home Accessories link, as of now, there is not a category for faucets or sprinklers - both of which were announced at WWDC back this summer. So until a sprinkler category shows up in the Home app or on Apple’s HomeKit page …


That’s correct. Until HomeKit releases their Irrigation profile and settings for Irrigation systems, we can’t comment on any sort of integration.




WatchOS 4.2 was just released. Release notes include this little snippet:

watchOS 4.2 update also adds support for HomeKit sprinklers and faucets

Interesting that’s there but no mention in iOS 11.2


I bet the irrigation profile will be enabled with the release of the Apple Homepod early in 2018, which will include AirPlay 2 among the new features. At that time expect a round of firmware/software updates for every iOs device.


Wonder if it not being enabled on 11.2 (released Saturday) had to do with this? Apparently the temp fix was done on Apple’s servers, with another iOS release coming soon to truly fix it.

Zero-day iOS HomeKit vulnerability allowed remote access to smart accessories including locks, fix rolling out

So far for “security issues that could allow unauthorized remote access”, it looks like it’s HomeKit: 1 and Rachio: 0.


Is there a 2018 Update to the HomeKit compatibility future??


Look very closely, very very closely…

I would love to beta test this for them.




+1 won’t buy until HomeKit arrives. My water utility is giving a rebate for smart controllers so my credit card is poised to purchase when it arrives.


I was hoping for HomeKit integration but after using Rachio without it for the past year I have no problem the way it is using the app or webpage. I barely even use them now unless I need to manually water something here and there. I’d recommend getting Rachio now and start using it because it’s amazing and you still get the rebate.