Apple Airport Express

Can an Apple Airport Express be used to integrate a PWS with Iro?

Hi @Dan8 – maybe. What PWS are you thinking of using?

I have a Davis Vantage Pro 2 with USB console. Also new Apple Extreme router

Hi @Dan8,

Yep, Rachio can use your PWS. You’ll just need to connect it to our weather services to sync it up to the Iro. To do so, please follow the steps in this support article:

For your MeteoBridge, you’ll need to find the correct one for your PWS here:

(I think yours is the first option listed, maybe? ;))

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions or problems with setup.

Best, Emil

Thanks, I have read those documents but my real question was could the Apple Airport express be used as the hardware bridge instead of the MeteoBridge. Looks like it does the same thing.

Hi @Dan8, ah I see where you’re coming from.

To my understanding, the MeteoBridge is required unless you want to build your own. Assuming plug and play, I do not think the Apple Airport Express can be used for this as usually, the MeteoBridge would sit between the PWS and your router (i.e. Apple Airport).

However, if you want to keep a computer running 24/7/365 to broadcast the PWS data to your online weather feed, there appear to be some work arounds to avoid needing the MeteoBridge.

I’d recommend reviewing this webpage if you haven’t already.

Should you want to explore the 24/7/365 computer setup, let me know and I’ll do some additional research on the ins and outs to help point you in the right direction.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

Many thanks. I was hoping there was a way to reprogram the Airport Express to function as a hardware bridge (instead of the DLINK or …), and maybe there still is; just a matter of more investigation. It has both ethernet and usb ports. Apple may not like it but whatever…For the time being I’ll do the DLINK and Meteobridge.
Again thanks for the reply.