App using Different Weather station but shows PWS selected

I have a Personal Weather Station in my backyard that I have been using with the app. Recently the system when it skips a watering tells me it uses a different Weather station? This is kinda confusing because I’m not sure what its checking to see if its rained or not? Pictures attached.

It looks like our weather service API is not returning any data from that station.

{“success”:true,“error”:{“code”:“warn_no_data”,“description”:“No data was returned for the request.”},“response”:[]}

Do you have a URL showing data from your station? I will forward along all of this information along to our weather service provider.


Thanks… I will give it a day and see if it updates. I changed a setting and will see what happens.

…hmm, I cannot find this weather station on the Google.

But it is registered on, just not reporting any data.

Looks like your PWS went offline on/around 11/2/15. Did you happen to change your SSID or WiFi password?

Hope this helps.

It should be reporting now… For some reason there was a period in the CWOP name that was messing with it…

But today the pws_dbmet2 doesn’t even exist in the app. My other weather station from CWOP exist now that I’m sending data…

I have also started sending data to the pwsweather site

@dbmet, thanks for the update; interesting to hear that the CWOP name caused interference with the reporting. Just curious, how did you troubleshoot & find this? It might help other users in the same situation to know what you did to reset the station.

PWSweather usually needs 24-48 hours of reporting weather data to sync everything back up. Could you keep an eye on stations available in the app and let us know if it’s not available for selection by Thursday?

Best, Emil

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