App Update Question

First of all I have browsed this forum and you guys have great customer service ie, very helpful and fast replies to questions!

Now I’m new to the Rachio but I’m pretty familiar with smart weather based irrigation systems. I really like the flex scheduling! I have the flex scheduling set up but it hasn’t started watering yet (for obvious reasons) so I have no experience with it.

I read the post about updating the app to use historical evapo data instead of the current strategy. What problems are you guys having with the current design of the Flex schedule? It seems perfect to me, but again my experience with it is just beginning. If I read correctly, it was too difficult for some users (seems easy to me).

Besides that, what issues were people having? I’m interested because I may stick with the current version of the app but would like to know about any common issues.

Thanks guys!

The main problems are complexity with setting up, some ppl don’t want to put in the research or bad weather data. That is all o ok now of, everything I have read centers around weather data, the algorithm is tip top as far as I can tell.

The main issue we have seen is the fine tuning adjustments. If it works out of the box, fantastic. Where things get difficult is adjusting frequency if your zone is getting watered too often or too infrequently. There are a lot of levers, and just obfuscating them would still not be ideal. The other big issue was even after changing a lever, flex being driven day-by-day by real time weather it is next to impossible to determine how much to move each lever since the calendar reflects a prediction. If it is going to rain for the next two weeks and you move levers, the perception is that nothing was changed since system wasn’t going to run anyways.

Flex will continue to exist in 2.5 of our app if you already have them. IMHO the new schedules will be easier to comprehend and setup.


Gotcha! That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the awesome customer support!

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Is it correct to assume ET and rain data coming from my PWS is being used in Flex Scheduling? Sounds like the update (2.5) will only use the rain data from my PWS since ET will be from historical info. Is this correct?

Thanks again!

We will still continue to use real time ET and precip data to determine if we can skip schedules.



@jmed999, just curious how did you first hear or learn about us?

In my opinion, I think the dynamic nature of Flex schedules isn’t for everyone. It requires trust in the data and often requires more fine tuning (and time) then some users want to spend on it.

I’ve been using one of these for years ISY and they offered an irrigation module Module that used my PWS, ET, soil types, flow rates, etc. With that I’ve always been interested in smart irrigation. My Engineering background probably enhances my interest in the subject.

Ready for a new gadget, I researched the leading smart irrigation systems on Amazon and made sure they were compatible with IFTTT and settled on the Rachio. Being #1 on Amazon and a channel on IFTTT isn’t hurting you guys for sure :smile:

Glad I did! I like the Flex schedules but I’m interested in the changes in 2.5.

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@jmed999, thanks for the kind words :smile:

If you’re interested, you might be able to connect your controller to your ISY hub using Muzzley, IFTTT, or our API.

Please let us know your thoughts on 2.5 next month.

Yeah the ISY guys have a module for purchase to connect the ISY to IFTTT and some guys have the ISY controlling the Rachio directly. Having the ISY control the Rachio kinda defeats the purpose of buying a smart irrigation controller. You guys are far more advanced that the ISY for irrigation. I see lots of possibilities with the Rachio. A great product and superb customer service!


Thanks for the kind words @jmed999 :blush:

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