App UI: Put Zones on own tab

Seems like the amount we’re looking at Zones, they would be on their own tab in the app instead of having to scroll down to them on 1st tab mixed in with other info & stats?

Perhaps move them to the second tab and then have all the updates, and stats on the first tab?

And still the need to pick what we see on main tab (in app or web) and the order we see them in.

The weather section takes up a significant amount of real estate when it is probably not the most important thing on the page. I’d be fine with putting it at the end.

Moving zones would certainly thing things up a bit, but you’d then be another click away from seeing when they were last watered. I kind of wish each zone had under it “Watered” “Moisture” and “Will water” values. I find the only reason I go into a specific zone is to see its current moisture level and having that available at a glance on the zones page would be nice.

Could make the Zones tab the first tab - agree the most frequently used info should be first tab.

Better yet this ties right back to the “Let Users Create Their Own Dashboard” suggestion @mckynzee i.e. let us pick which pieces of info we need to see and in which order?


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When you come to the dash, would you say you head straight to the zone section?

Thanks @mckynzee - would say that’s the most frequent thing, yes.

Mainly because at a glance it lets me see what was watered, when, and when is next, plus then get to any other things want to check. Actually have another suggestion will post to make this option even more useful.

But again can fully see users may differ on preferences, hence let us order the items we need, and / or like on most cell phones let us pick what “home screen” is?

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