App strange behavior with Gen2

I’ve been using my app flawlessly (I’m in the middle of my second season). My sprinkler guy just installed a 5th zone (I had 4) and swapped a few of the heads among zones yesterday. Until then everything was flawless.
Gen 2 controller.
Since then:;

  1. I can start and stop Zones 1 and 2 normally
  2. Zones 3,4 and 5 will not start watering from the app; although the app indicates they are running with the timng countdown on a quick run.
  3. All zones work perfectly if started and stopped manually from the controller
  4. If I run zones 3,4 or 5 from the controller- the app indicates they are running- and even lets me stop the run- just won’t let me start it (actually -it does let me and thinks it’s working, just nothing actually happens with the sprinkler)

I have cleared the cache and data on the app.
I have re-booted my phone several times
I have unplugged and restarted the controller several times.
No change to the response.
The app is clearly seeing the wifi (works perfectly on zones 1 and 2) and the controller clearly is responsive (again for 1 and 2). The controller clearly works (runs perfectly manually), albeit selectively. The app clearly communicates with the phone (zone 1 and 2 as expected, zones 3,4 and 5 to see real-time watering and to stop watering).

Hey @msro!

Observing your latest electrical current readings reported from the controller’s last Zone runs, the values seem abnormal. It sounds like the modifications to your system may have introduced a wiring issue.

I just checked your account and do see that you’ve been in touch with our Support team. Sounds like you may have resolved the issue!

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