App says it watered when it really did not

Hi. My grass has been very dry so I checked and the app says it watered, but it did not. I run a manual water run and it did not watered even when the app reported it did.

Please help diagnose the problem.


@jorgeelizondom - is the unit a Gen 1 or Gen 2 unit?

Is there a master valve or pump start relay for the sprinkler system?

Is there a rain sensor in the system - attached to the unit’s sensor port or inline on the common wire?

What happens when a sprinkler valve is manually opened on a zone, does that zone water?

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I had same issue, I found out the the wires got disconnected. Would have been nice if the controller would have sensed that wires are not connected and wouldn’t say " zone was watered "

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@jorgeelizondom Any luck with the troubleshooting @DLane recommended? Are you still unable to water? Was your controller previously watering and just stopped, or is this a new install?

In fairness…do you think there are any other controllers that can do this? The controller (any kind, not just Rachio) waters by sending out a low voltage signal to the valves to run. It really has no way of knowing if valve is responding or not…

I suppose there could be a way to wire in a flow meter and then Rachio could tell if the flow meter gets a corresponding reading from the sensor…

In a fairness, i was thinking of the controller sensing if wire is there rather if the valve worked. Maybe something like a memory: since the wire for the valve was inserted and the zone set up, if the controller sensed that there is no signal being sent to that wire - then send a notification suggesting to check wire placement …

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Still not sure it could do that unless the power supply is able to monitor resistance on the wire. If it was able to “feel” no load, otherwise, I don’t see how it could tell…

That is an interesting idea. In a perfect world Rachio would just create their own valves with flow sensors and could cross reference if the pipes are flowing with when the controller sends an activation signal. Maybe someday…

@Sunset - I believe the Gen 2 tracks current going out a port (amps), but that is not visible to non-Rachio folks. In a high current situation, I believe the Gen 2 reports a wire fault. With the current version of the software there is no reporting on a zone triggered and low/no current flowing. I have four phantom zones where absolutely nothing is connected to play, err experiment, with Flex settings versus the Fixed on my normal zones and my Gen 2 has never complained. So instead of resistance, current would be better. Maybe this will be exposed in version 3 of the software - who knows.