App keeps freezing when I try to set up


Ill have my team email you and we can set that up. FYI the phone number for Rachio is (844) 472-2446.


We’ve sold the house! What’s the latest on transferring control to the new owners?

thank you I will be monitoring my e-mail I appreciate it


I’ve reproduced the issue with the app locking up if you deny permission to use the camera and check the box to always deny the request. A fix should be in the next release.
The reason we ask for access to the camera is so that we can use it to scan the bar code on the controller.


@bap Travis from our success team will be working with you today. It also sounds like our Android engineer @dgp has determined one issue that you were seeing in regards to camera permissions. You might want to try again allowing camera permissions and possibly even enabling the app camera permissions through these instructions.



I had completely forgotten about the scanning of the bar code aspect of setup! Problem with only doing it twice so far: I forget. Hope this set up problem gets resolved!!