App Improvement and bug fixes and review

I used a Transformer with 70 watts rating(240v to 110v) to get this going since original PS is 110v and in Australia we use 240v. It will be a good idea for this company to supply 100-240v ac power supply since it is a global market now. 100 v ac is for Japan.
Initially I plugged this to the power point with out connecting my existing old Orbit 6 ch analog controller. Opened the app and ask to search for the Rachio, it found immediately and then start to work with my wifi ( Apple Airport Extreme) and got all blue leds on except the last one… It said it had a problem and then gave 3 options, which I selected the 3rd, meaning 3 leds on and it seems 4th led is for the cloud and after that it fixed the issue and got all connected. I suspect cloud part may be due to my firewall. So far all good with the network side.
I removed my old Orbit and start to connect wires and after that, I used manual select of 2 min each zone to be on. It worked like a charm and fired all my 6 zones perfectly.
Few observations,
Controller does not recognise unconnected zones automatically and you have to switch them off via the app. Also it multiplied 16 zones with 2 minutes and gave wrong water consumption . They need to fix this issue.
Also need real time indicator to show which zone is on and need a run down counter to see how many minutes of time left with existing sprinkler that is active. One time I saw two zones on, which is a bug…
Also I use metric settings water usage is shown in Gallons .
Nice perfect controller and hope they improve the App…

Hey @siri-
The issues you described actually sounds like some more serious issues, and not just bugs- specifically the two zones running at once. Can you give me some more details on what happened?
Two zones should never run at one time. Also, water consumption is determined by square footage, nozzle type, and run time. Have you looked into those settings on your zones? If you would like to post them in here I could definitely help you tune those to your system! There also should be an indicator of which zone is running and how long is has left at the top of your activity feed, which is the second tab in the app. Let me know if you don’t see it, sounds like we are having some other issues so I’m a little concerned.
PS- If the two zones running thing persists, a wiring picture would be helpful!
McKynzee :rachio:

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Hi McKynzee,
Tks for the prompt reply, BTW, Gallon to litre is now ok since now I have Centigrade and Litres showing…
Pls. find attached photos since two active zones are ON only on App ( check photo) as blue and it is not firing two valves at the same time. So it is a App issue and not real valve issue.
Some how it indicating massive water usage as 2243 litre(138 mins)

which not correct since it only uses 12 mins for testing initially and 2 water cycles…( See Photo).
Good idea to give us to reset these wrong numbers since I cannot reset these numbers.

May be a dumb question, but why is there such a variance among countries. I have nevet understood why different outlet power types.

@siri Thank you for those screenshots! Glad to hear your usage is in liters now- as for the multiple zones saying they’re running, it does seem like this is an issue with the watering history display. I’m thinking if the “Watering zone 6” notification and the “Watered zone 5” notification switched places, everything would be correct there. I’ll let the team know that those are displaying wrong!

For your high usage reading, I would dig into your zone areas and their nozzle types. Those are the two factors we use to determine usage (along with duration) so those are the best place to start. If you want to check those back and adjust them, we can absolutely reset your usage to zero so you can have a more accurate reading. Let me know!!

McKynzee :rachio:

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