App Hangs

For the last few weeks the App has been useless. It has been hanging on the pulse circle. I deleted, reinstalled, and was able to get to the controller screen, but it was locked up to the point I had to re-boot my phone. What gives?

I am running IOS 9.3.1 on my iPhone.

Same here. It used to hang on the pulsing animation splash screen with 2.5 release.
Upgrade to 2.5.1 seemed to fix it. Now it is stuck on home screen once or twice a day.
I have 2.5.2 on my iPhone 5s. Today it got stuck on home screen each and every time. It doesn’t respond to your touch input.
Restart of IPhone didn’t make any difference. I deleted and reinstalled the app. Now it is working. Let’s see how long it lasts.

I have 3 Rachios registered to my account. Two are gen2 and one at Gen1. I removed Geb1 and replaced it with Gen2. I sold my Gen1 to a buyer yesterday. I am wondering if this has anything to do with a device that has been offline for a while. Anyway, I removed the gen1 from my account few minutes back.

We submitted a 2.5.3 version to the app store that will hopefully resolve this issue that some customers have experienced.

If you want a beta version to see if it fixes your issue just PM me your Apple email address (used to login to Apple) and we will get it out for you.


I’ve been having similar trouble with the app lately. I know the system well and I’ve never had any problems like this up until a few days ago.

When I go to open the app, most of the time it doesn’t even open – I get to the opening screen with the little connecting circles and they just keep spinning and spinning. One in a while, it does get past there to the main screen, and that screen is frozen solid. It doesn’t accept any touch input.

I’m on an Iphone 5, latest IOS. No other glitches in any other apps. I’ve not made any recent changes to the phone.
I have plenty of memory available, over 7GB.
It happens on my home wifi, my work wifi, and over the air.
I’ve shut down all other apps.
I’ve rebooted the phone several times (including hard reboot holding both buttons)
I’ve completely uninstalled and re-installed the Rachio app.

Hope the fix comes out soon.

It seems to be working fine now. May be it got updated to newer build.

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