App and web not communicating with Iro (Gen 1)


After several months of seamless performance, my Iro (Gen 1) has stopped accepting commands from both my Android app and the web interface. Strangely, both the Android app and the web interface show the device as “Online” even when I uplug it entirely! I have tried the following troubleshooting measures:

  • logging out and back in on the Android app
  • powering off and back on the Iro
  • resetting the Iro wifi connection via Blink Up
  • implementing ALL of the advice listed on this website’s support section for connection issues
    I cannot change my watering schedules because I get error warnings that either states “could not connect to device” or “request failed, please check your connection”. I wonder if my wifi radio receiver is simply shot.



Our WiFi provider for the gen 1 controller has had a messaging hardware failure. Full system availability should be back very soon, and most controllers should already be working.

You can follow the status here:

Gen 2 controllers are not affected as they are on an entirely different messaging system.

Thanks for your patience.


Can't deselect zones in a flex daily schedule

Our WiFi vendor for Gen 1 is reporting all systems 100%.

Thanks for your patience.