API call to determine if sprinklers are running



I am looking to see if there is a simple API call to determine if the sprinkler system is running (ie - outputting water to any zone for any reason). I know I can look at each zone specifically, but I just need to know if my sprinklers are running at all.

/public/device/:id/current_schedule does not appear to show me anything but the upcoming schedule even when I am running in manual mode.



If you are looking for a push notification when any watering starts or stops, try a combination of IFTTT and Pushbullet.


@rjsears @Khillski 's idea of using IFTTT could definitely work for you.

If you want to use the open API the correct endpoint is /public/device/:id/current_schedule. This will only return information when a schedule is running.



Thanks, but that is not correct. Right now there is nothing running and it returns about 3 lines of data!


Please PM me the request you are making and data receiving, thanks.



Ah…nevermind…its coming back blank now, but before it was returning something, much have been something running when I thought it was not!