Anyone home?

My Friend sold me this wireless unit that I cant seem to get working on my phone. I have called 3 times and was told the hold time was 6 min. After that it hangs up! I time I left a msg and 2 days later it was returned, Thats what I would like to do RETURN this. ZERO cust srvs

Hey @NotWorking!

So sorry about the phone lines. There is something going on with the lines that’s causing the disconnect - the team is looking into what that is.

Any chance you’d be up for working with me and other users to try and troubleshoot what’s going on?

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on line? Here? So your saying your companys phones are not working and your unable to make calls?

We can absolutely troubleshoot here or at Our phone lines are working, there’s just something wonky with the disconnect for some calls on hold. You’re also welcome to shoot your phone number to and request a call back. Just share the ticket number with me so I can ping the team and let them know of our conversation here :slight_smile:

i just sent my number

Awesome! Thank you, Joseph! Would you be up for shooting your ticket number over to me when it comes through your email?

I dont have a ticket number, this is beyond stupid! this is way too much work and now i just want your unit out of my house, you have a product you cannot support without pissing clients off. I will wait 10 min for a call then I will removit it myself and spend months relaying my story to anyone that will listen. I have 1000 things on my plate and your lack of support is now my problem!

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It responded 2-5 DAYS!

Hey Joseph! Found your ticket and pinged the team. Should receive a call shortly! I’m so sorry for the frustration.

Hey Joseph, how about you give the lady a break and try not verbally assaulting someone that’s trying to help. You have to wait in line like everybody else. This isn’t McDonald’s you can’t have it your way!


When a user starts posting ad hominem attacks escorted by profanity it is time for their posts to be moderated.