Any way to delete watering times?


@bgd‌ On Android go to watering times and press down on the watering time until the delete option appears. On iOS, go to watering times and slide the watering time to the right which should enable the delete option.

Thanks and let us know if you have any more questions.

In IOS, most other delete options (mail messages, texts, etc…) are a swipe left to enable delete option. A switch in future release may prove more intuitive to new users. Obviously lower priority than other newness.

@ndmiller‌ Thanks for the feedback, will pass this along to the development team. Thanks!

Agree, came to the forum to find out how to delete a schedule, as the standard swipe left to delete did not work, and there was no delete button.


Re-writing mobile app from the ground-up, this will definitely be standard.


another comment on deleting as seen on Android. Holding a specific schedule does bring up the delete tab, BUT it also brings up the complete list of schedules. It is not clear which one will be deleted and if you picked the wrong one (like with big fingers) you can endup deleting the wrong schedule.

Suggest when the the list with an active delete button ONLY show the schedule that will be deleted.

@seena_lawn Ah got it, thanks for the suggestion, will forward to the mobile team. Thanks!