Any new Models Coming Out?

Hydro-Rain and Hunter continue to enhance their models and station count. Rachio is stuck at 16 stations, with a small irrigation distributor network (only Ewing?). What are you doing to reach out to more contractors with higher station count.

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Hey @robertokc!

No controller news for now, but I do want clarify that we work with over 50 irrigation distributors, large and small, and nearly 1000 Certified Rachio Pros. We have an awesome Pro team internally and are continuously working with those partners to better our product offering.


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I work for Davis Supply. The response i got is you are not adding. Your only wholesale irrigation distributor is Ewing. Irrigation Station was a distributor but I think they dropped you. I get different stories from your company. You only communicate with string emails and I received different responses.

Hey Robert – We are open to new distributors. I will reach out directly to inquire.

Thanks - Johnny

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@robertokc, there are a few independent irrigation wholesalers in my market that carry Rachio. Ewing might be the only national wholesaler to carry it though, as I’m not sure about Horizon or Site One…

Horizon is not in Oklahoma. Site One has limited irrigation here. I like Rachio, but I do not think they have longterm prospects unless they align with one of the major manufacturers. The contractors in this state are for the most part totally incompetent.