Another “watered before rain” post

Here in NW Indiana it was forecast to rain today (been raining since 7am, 3 hrs now). My flex daily ran for 200 minutes at 130am this morning. This weather intelligence doesn’t seem to be that intelligent.


Can you PM me the email for your account? I will have the engineering team review.



And?.. What happened? What did they figure out?

No response yet

According to the moisture graph and observed precipitation the system watered appropriately.

On 6/3 there was 12% moisture left in the zone. With the depletion on 6/4 and only receiving .08 inches of rain the system decided the zone would be depleted so it watered on 6/4. Almost all the precipitation was actually recorded on 6/5 of .39 inches. The system is at 110% moisture so will not water again until that tracks down to 0%.


so watering before the heavy rainfall I received was normal?

Flex daily and other schedule types do not look at “tomorrow’s” prediction, just “today’s” predicted rain.


Plus, I’m not sure if .39" constitutes a heavy rain, at least in the terms of satisfying your irrigation needs. Your system needs to put down just under 1" each time it runs…