Another "New Install / No Working Zones" Post. Wiring Photos Inside

Well, I have been talking to Jared on the support line and he has been extremely helpful in troubleshooting. Unfortunately, nothing thus far as seemed to fix my (above) issue. I have even installed a new complete unit, hoping that the first one was bad.

I am moving from a 6 Zone Hunter Pro-C to this Iro. Inside my older Hunter, the top left of the unit had three wires for the power cord (one was the ground) and then a three wire red / white / blue setup, that had red & white piggy backing off the power, and the blue in the REM slot - which I learned after looking at my old manual is for a remote.

Needless to say, I ditched these as they wouldn’t apply to the new Iro.

On the right side, I had a black wire in the M/PV slot, a white wire in the COM slot, and then 6 red zone wires - which I labeled so the zones would stay the same in the new Iro. I did have one red zone wire that was not connected to anything inside the panel. I just set it aside. I also had what looked like old telephone wire (gold and silver in a clear casing in the photo) that also wasn’t hooked up to anything.

I’m getting a signal from my phone to the Iro, and the Iro to my wireless network. I have utilize the app and start watering and the light will turn blue. Sadly, I have no zones actually activating or any sounds heard from the various valves in the yard.

Any suggestions from the community?

Welcome to the community!

Wiriing is definitely not my expertise, so I’ll ask the obvious, did you enable the master valve option in the app?


@sintax, thanks for the post and details on your Pro-C installation. Just to confirm, was the old telephone wire ever connected to the Pro-C? These wires are typically used with wired rain sensors. Pending how your common wire was configured at the valve level, we might have a break in the common which would explain the experience you’re having with the Iro at the moment.

Could you send us a few photos of your valve wiring and valve solenoids to review? It would be good to double check the make/model of your valves; I’m guessing you have a complete Hunter system, but might be wrong.

Did you replace the wall mount in addition to the front panel? I was reviewing the support ticket between you and Jared and wasn’t sure if you only swapped out the front panel.

Sounds like everything is working properly in the cloud. We just need to locate the wiring issue between the Iro and your valves. Worst case, we know a few awesome pros in your area that could help out if needed :smile:

We’ll get you up and running soon.

Best, Emil

Thanks for the replies everyone!

To answer some of the questions:

  • Yes, the Master Pump toggle is enabled and I’ve power cycled to make sure it took effect.

  • The telephone looking wire was not hooked up at all, and considering the end hasn’t been stripped I imagine that it never has been. The common (white) wire was hooked up to a terminal all by itself and that is how I have it connected now.

  • Yes, I replaced both the front and back panel just to rule out a possibility of one or the other being bad. I really feel that the Iro system is functioning correctly so you are probably right about it being a wiring issue. Maybe something got pulled loose while I was swapping panels? Tracking down electrical gremlins is not my forte.

Emil, we are having CRAZY weather here in Texas right now. Austin was in the 70’s and sunny yesterday, and just earlier this evening we had hail and storms all day long. Needless to say I wasn’t able to play with valves in the yard today. Tomorrow is supposed to be dry so I’ll take some photos of the valves and wiring. I had the house built in 2003 and the system was installed prior to moving in, so I’m sure it is a complete Hunter system.

You mentioned knowing some pros in the Austin area that might be able to get me up and running. How would I go about getting that information should I continue to strike out?

@sintax, ah good to know. I wasn’t sure from the photo if the wires had been stripped back.

I’ll send you a few names & numbers via your support ticket. Please keep us posted on the outcome. Happy to help you or the pros with any additional questions if they arise.

Best, Emil


@emil, any chance I can get that information?

Hi @sintax, I sent a few names and numbers yesterday via ticket #87779. I’ll direct message them to you via the community too. Please let me know if you don’t get them.

Thanks, Emil

Great name sintax, I have a question, are you, using a pump with this or just a master valve?

I’m really curious about that Walmart special speaker cord there, was it shorted at the end? I ask because I’m wondering if that was,used to get the 15 foot of distance from the pump relay.

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