Annual scheduled and hard year dates


This is the 2nd year I have owned the controller. Turned on water, checked zones manually, and check schedule. All if it looked fine. Week later I realize it has not watered either schedule. Checked to realize the scheduled dates for start/end have calendar YEAR in them.

Why not have option for “2nd week” of for start/end type option. The start date does not affect the actual date based on schedule anyways. Having hard coded dates caused my schedule not to run. How would customer know to modify/change annually? I do now, but likely to forget again next season.


Let me second @dblackco (like the first name, spelled correctly too :wink: ). In my city they determine sewage rates by the water used from November 15 - February 15 (for my billing group). It would be nice to set system to start sometime after March 1 and to stop by November 14, every year… I had to go edit the program starting and ending dates to get it set up for this year as the dates included year. So either a hard date - e.g. November 14 that would be consistent each year or a relative date 1st Monday of November should be options.


Hey @DLane and @dblackco-

This is a great product suggestion, and I will make sure to log your feedback for the team. @dblackco I noticed you mentioned a “2nd week” option, do you have restrictions in your area or something similar that use that wording? I only ask because I recently saw a user’s restrictions that referenced starting a certain schedule in the “second week of April”, and I am trying to get a better understanding on what the most common format is for restrictions.

McKynzee :rachio:


That would be a useful feature. I have four schedules based on the dates specified by the city I live in. For example between April 1st and May 31st I can water 2 times a week. I have a schedule for each season setup but for now would need to go back and change the start and end dates so that it runs each year. Would be very helpful to just setup the start and end date and have it automatically recur each year.