Android should not have to wait for iOS

I would like the Android updates to be released to Google Play the same day that the iOS is released to Apple. Android should not be held back due to Apple’s release process. Thanks.

I agree that ios release shouldn’t be a prerequisite for Android version

Only speaking as someone who runs development teams myself the cloud typically requires everyone to be on the same release with everything! like salesforce, you can’t pick and choose, you all get the same!!! The costs benefits of having 1 version of the software in the cloud are going to be lost if this company has to support 2 versions of it’s cloud to support different ways the devices work.

Now, as the “server” product stabilizes and this company grows, it’s possible, new features / upgrades / functions could be specific to a device and their “cloud” offering could manage the differences.

I’m not trying to speak for the team as I know nothing about how they have built it but I suspect that’s the main reason, amongst others.

@SithHawk‌ and @Ranjeetv‌, @franky_Brit‌ is correct. The reason we release them together is that there are usually changes in our cloud software to support the latest version and they all need to be released to you together.

It is also helpful with support to only be troubleshooting one version of the app - granted, people will inevitably still be on older version, but the more we can minimize multiple version of the app out in the wild, the better.