Android, iOS, and web app calendars out of sync?

First, I should say that I haven’t touched any of my settings in a couple of weeks and it didn’t rain yesterday or this morning.

I got confused this morning when I checked my calendar on the iOS app and saw the tear drop for today’s date, even though the device does not report any watering this morning.

The iOS app (left phone below) also reported one of my zones was not scheduled to water at all, even though it was included in a schedule and the moisture charts show a watering occurring on July 6.

I then moved to the web app (middle below) and saw that the zone was in fact schedule to water On July 6, which matches the water chart. But the teardrop was still on today’s date, even though nothing happened today.

Then I moved to the Android app (right phone below) where everything is being reported correctly as far as I can tell. The zone in question is listed for a scheduled watering on the 6th and there is no teardrop today, which reflects the fact that it didn’t water today.

Screen shot of all three platforms side by side below that shows the inconsistencies in iOS and the WebApp.

What gives?