Android app problem to sychronise


the Android app on my mobile (Android 7.0) has problems to synchronise the location, weather and schedule.

Last year it worked without problems. Now I have checked it with the new app 2.85 and it does not work. I tried to reinstall the app and gave the location authorisation.

Is there anything what I can try to fix it or is it a problem on your site?

update: After minutes (approx. 3min) the location and weather is shown but the schedule isn’t.

Thank you for helping.

@Dork, looks like your in Europe/Berlin – hello from Denver!

I just attempted to recreate the issue you were experiencing on iOS, but your account loaded quickly and as expected. I’ll have one of our Android testers attempt to recreate tomorrow.

Are you connected to WiFi or your data plan?

Hello to denver. Yes it´s right I´m from Berlin :slight_smile:

The issue appears in different WiFis and data plan.

Atached a sreenshot from the mobile.


This could be due to the flexible monthly schedule you have chosen. We generally don’t support that feature outside of North America if we do not have access to 30 year historical weather data. I believe the algorithm trying to generate your calendar is slow due to this fact.

If you remove that schedule type it could fix this issue. Just let us know if that corrects your issue. Thanks in advance.


@Dork Thanks for being patient with us as we attempt to find a cause and solution for you! We were able to reproduce the instance on Android and on your account in particular. When looking into other accounts outside of the U.S. we have not been able to find the same outcome thus far. We are thinking it may be geo locked to Europe in particular, but we would like to continue testing if that’s ok with you :slight_smile: The more we know the better we can get it fixed!

@Dork, I reattempted to login to your account on iOS and although the app launched quickly, the schedule session was delayed; likely for the reason @franz mentioned.

Can we disable or delete the Flex Monthly schedule to continue troubleshooting?

I removed only all flexible day schedule. One flexible monthly schedule is still available. Now schedule, weather and location is loaded quickly.

I don’t think there is the issue cause I`m outside North America. In the last season and on iOS all is shown fine.

Thank you for helping. I will create one flexible daily schedule cause if you want test on my account.


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@Dork Hey no problem. If you wouldn’t mind, go ahead and send us an email at and address it to me (Jeremy). We can open up a ticket there and continue troubleshooting!

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