Android App not showing Savings


I’m using Android v 2.8-288.

This morning was my first opportunity to see how the Iro responded to a rain event (Denver) as we had some significant rain yesterday and I had a zone scheduled for this morning (flex monthly schedule).

Sure enough the zone was skipped due to the rain event. Both my phone and the Web site listed the skip in Schedule Updates. However, the web site DID show the water savings, but the Android App does NOT. The App has been started and stopped several times. The savings event was over 3 hours ago.

Just wanted to let you know.

BTW, as a request, can someone keep the Release Notes entry in the Knowledge Base up to date? It would also be helpful for it to be cumulative rather than just showing the last release. I know that this type of documentation is a pain, but it really should be kept current.

FYI, late yesterday the Android app picked up the water savings. I don’t know if you guys did something or if the data spontaneously populated. The delay seems curious though.


@davelr, are you still experiencing a reporting variance between Android and Web?

Good catch. Looks like we’re behind on Android. We do have a change log for iOS; I’ll look into the status of a change log for Android.


@emil, as far as I know right now, no. As I said the savings populated later in the day. I’ll probably have a chance later this week to see if this recurs as we’re expecting rain in a few days.


@davelr Let us know how it looks later this week! In the meantime… ask and you shall receive :smile:


@mckynzee Thanks much, I’ll keep you posted if it happens again


Good morning,
Well I had a zone skipped this morning at 6AM. As of right now the Web app is showing the saved water amount including the skipped session this morning. The Android app is not showing the extra water savings, at least yet. Everything else is correct with both apps showing the skipped zone and predicted precipitation amounts. I’ll keep checking the Android app to let you know when (if) it updates the water savings amount.


Ok, so it appears that the savings increase gets updated into the Android app after about 5 to 6 hours. Weird



I know the Android app uses some caching for that graph. I’ll reach out to our Android team and see what it is.



@franz - Just curious, did you ever get any feedback on this? Still happening.


What version of the app are you using? Hamburger menu on left side, look all the way to the bottom.




@franz - Sorry responded from my phone probably didn’t go through. 2.8-229 As far as I can tell you guys push updates every once in a while.



2.8-231 will be available tonight to fix a couple other issues, can you let us know if that fixes your issue? If not I’ll have the development team review and get you a targeted beta release




@franz - Thanks, got the update and it looks like we’ll have a rain skip later this week. I’ll keep you posted. BTW, I’m just curious about this as it seems pretty strange. Not a big deal.


@franz - Had a rain skip this morning and 2.8-231 has fixed the water savings report lag issue between the web site and the Android app. Thanks