Android app not displaying watering schedule correctly


On the Rachio app on my Pixel device, I will get a notification of a watering event taking place that day. However, if I go into the app and go to Watering Schedule, it does not show a watering event taking place that day. The same is true when looking under My Yard. If I go to the web interface on my PC, it displays the information properly. I’ve noticed this issue for at least a couple of months but just haven’t gotten around to posting the issue.

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots. They show that I received a notification that my lawn is scheduled to run at 7:10 am; however, directly below that you’ll see the Rachio app shows nothing is scheduled. I have another screenshot showing My Yard that says my lawn will be watered 2 days from now (but nothing today). The final screenshot is from the web interface that shows everything correctly.

@mandms7 Interesting catch… let me do some testing and see if I can reproduce this! Did you only notice this on the pixel, or also on another device you had before the pixel? I know it is relatively new…

I have a Pixel tablet available if you need another person to install & check their schedule.

I’ve had my Pixel phone since November, and I can’t recall if this issue existed on my previous device.

The problem is not pixel specific. I have a Pixel XL and ancient Nexus 10 running an older OS version, and their behavior is identical.

I have never seen any correct indication of what is to be watered today on my Android devices. It’s always wrong. It never indicates that anything will be watered today, just shows indicates the one zone is that is watering now.

For fun I took a screenshot of the web interface on a regular PC, and it is also wrong. See “Schedule updates” on the attached screenshot for today (May 6). Note that several zones are listed to be watered today, May 6. Then look at the zones shown in “My Yard”. They do not show any watering scheduled for today.

Seems like this could be fixed pretty easily, but for me, it’s been wrong for months.


I was able to replicate this using a flex daily schedule. I’ll work with our Android development team on correcting this issue and should be able to release a patch next week.


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Franz, thank you!

It appears that both the Android app and the regular web interface on a PC have a similar problem. The erroneous screenshot above was from a PC, not from an android device. As you noted, I’m using a Flex Daily scheduled.

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If you PM me (click on my name and send a message) your google email I can send a beta out of our Android app to see if it fixes your issue.


Thanks franz! I confirmed the behavior also on my Nexus 7 tablet.


If you PM me your Google email I can get you the beta fix of this to see if the issue is corrected :wink:


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There is still room for improvement - once a flex watering cycle has started, the “My Yard” section of the web interface and Android interface lose their indications of watering about to happen today. See attached web screen shot. “Schedule Updates” shows five zones will water today. “My Yard” shows one zone watering now and no others watering today.

The issue I reported has been resolved with the latest release of the Android app that franz provided. Thank you for the great customer service!