Android app crashing when schedule starts or ends?


The past few days when a zone runs automatically my android phone pops up with a warning to the extent that “the app has crashed”. This happens when the zone starts and ends, but curiously only for some zones. It has 2 buttons, “report” and “ok”. I’ve clicked report which says details are sent, although I don’t know if its just to google or to the developers.

Could this be related to a recent update to the app? Have other people seen this?


I’m running Lollipop on my Note 4 and I haven’t had any issues? You can turn off notifications in your settings - I turned off most of them.


I’ll have our Android developer track down any submitted crash reports.



FYI, same thing just happened to me, I submitted a crash report.


If you PM me your Google email address you use to login to Android, I will get you a Beta build to see if we have fixed the issue.