Android App Calendar Not Showing Events

Good afternoon

Setting up my controller at new home just purchased. For some reason, the calendar is not showing the events. I have it set up to water 4 days per week but it is only showing 2 days in the calendar.

Any help would be appreciated.

Looks to me like it they are showing up. That is what the blue water drops on the calendar are. You have a Flex Monthly scheduled, which will create a predictable monthly schedule that will adjust throughout the year to make sure your yard gets the water it needs in the summer.

Why didn’t my Flex Monthly schedule water on the days I chose?

Flex Monthly schedules determine the watering interval based on 30-year historical weather data. The interval will change month to month. When creating your schedule, you get to choose allowed watering days. Those aren’t necessarily the exact days that your schedule is going to run, those are just the days that the schedule is allowed to run. For example, you may have selected Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as the allowed watering days, but your schedule may only need to run on one or two of those days rather than all three. Looking for more consistency?