Android App Bugs

have 2 problems with the mobile app for android

  1. using the manual controller is really jumper, very hard to get it to a certain time, didn’t used to be like this.
  2. i picked one zone, set it to run for 8 minutes, then picked a 2nd zone and set it to run for 7, it only ran one of them but reported the total run time for both.

Look at my app logs for 3:29pm today (eastern).

Thanks @ghctim, I’ll forward this to our Android team.



I don’t think any code has actually changed in the remote recently so I’m wondering what has happened.
If you set a time of 60m and hit the reset icon do you see the knob control animate back to zero smoothly or does it jump there too?



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I’d say it a little differently… setting the manual dial was always smooth for me, but I usually end up adding or dropping a minute when I take my finger off the screen. So I have to try and dial it back in and remove my finger more slowly/carefully. I can live with it but it does happen to me almost every time.

Which phone do you have? It’s possible that on some screens the region in the ring for each minute is too small.

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I’m on a Nexus 6p - 5.5 in screen

I have tested on 3 android devices

  1. BB Priv running Android 5.1.1 = Pretty good but a little jumpy
  2. Nexus 5x running Android N prev 2 - Ok, but a little hard to use
  3. Pixel C running Android N prev 2 = Impossible to use

I’m going to PM you an Android APK to see if any better…


works sooooo much better!!!

ok cool :slight_smile:

now i have to uninstall it or else I won’t get app store updates :frowning:

Push this build!

Want to do a bit more testing, than we can release

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i hear you! You guys are awesome!

If they versioned it correctly, the apk that gets pushed to the app store will be a newer version and you’ll get the update.

Per franzs directions I uninstalled the appstore release not installed over

@franz I’m having an issue using the Android app, on my Nexus 6p and Samsung S4 for viewing Moisture Levels… When I first click Moisture Level only the title appears at the top while displaying a blank white screen. If I use the back button and then click Moisture Level again (sometimes takes 2-3 times) then it will display the graph.
Blank Screen

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@johnesc Thanks for reporting this, I’ve given this information to our Android team, will let you know what they find.


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I can confirm this on my Nexus 6p. Didn’t report it because it doesn’t happen every time I open the moisture graph, but it does happen quite frequently.

Same exact, intermittent but frequent phenomenon here on a Nexus 6P.

Thanks everyone, we will sort out. Native charts are way easier in Android (but take much more time to build), this is using a Web view. It renders the same graph used as the Web app.