Android App access without entering phone PIN

When I first downloaded the phone app for my Rachio 3 I must have agreed to enter my phone PIN to access the app each time I needed to use it.
How do I eliminate that requirement so that just tapping the Rachio app icon gives me access to the app ?
Thank you!

I am not aware of any such feature in the app. Possibly, it’s in a third-party app you installed, or in something pre-installed by the phone manufacturer or (if you bought the phone from a carrier) your carrier.

I would try Clear Cache and Clear Data first. If no luck, uninstall and reinstall the app. If still no luck, open a ticket with Rachio.

Can you access in your mobile browser without entering your PIN? If so, saving a link on your home screen may be an adequate substitute for the app.

If your phone has fingerprint or face recognition for authentication, does that work when you open the app?

Stewart - Thank you for your detailed reply!
An app ‘uninstall/reinstall’ did the trick.
Truly appreciate your time!