Android 2.0 ready for Beta testing

If you want beta access PM me, if I don’t respond I’m too busy :wink:

I sent an email to Android beta testers who expressed interest awhile back.

Targeting next Monday for full 2.0 launch, so any issues we can fix now before the release are very helpful.


Installed Beta and can’t get the application to open. Crashes every time I run it. I logged the issue with the google form.


Can you try uninstalling the old app and re-installing?


That worked.

Beta seems great so far!

Go to watering schedule and clicking on a day with no scheduled watering causes a force close.

I have 3 zone, 1 and 2 are grass and 3 is drip. flex sch with cycle soak this Sat shows back 18, front 18 cycle soak 13, back 18, front 18, BUT NO DRIP. Zone 3 is enabled under zones and durations.

Android 5.0.1 Note 4

Thanks for this, was able to reproduce the first issue and will submit to development team.

Zone 3 is shrubs, which by default have a 15 inch root zone depth, which means deeper watering but less frequent. If you look at the zone card the next scheduled day is July 12, based on predicted weather.

Shrubs are harder to use in flex since a lot of people have mixed zones, and not all shrubs are the same (root zone depth,etc.) Hope this helps!

Please use this form in the future to submit feedback, easier to track these, thanks for being a beta tester!


Sorry if this has been covered in another thread but how do I change the picture for my zone? Can’t seem to figure it out in the android app. Thanks!

Sorry, that feature is coming soon on Android, hopefully sometime next week we will release a patch with it :frowning:


Hi Franz

How can I get the beta version for Android?


Shrubs on a drip once every 10 days or two weeks during a hot FL summer seems much longer than what I am used to. I used to have a timer set to water 1 hr 3 days a week and that keep things green. My local nursery and ag extension agent recommend this rate.

How can I increase the frequency. Its currently set one notch under maximum for watering (the drop icon in zones and duration). Increasing to max only seems to add more time.

I would re-read the first post. Final release is next week, perhaps just wait?

Just PM me your Google Android email address.


This should help with fine tuning. There are some cases where flex won’t be optimal. Largely depends on root zone depth, and we do our best to set a default for shrubs. Grass turf types way easier to set defaults. To fully tune you might need to get a closer value for the shrub root zone depth if the default 15 inches is off.