Analytics water usage calculation, manual schedule stopped early

I just installed my 16 zone system this evening – ( 11 in use ). I was playing with various zones and turned them on / off using then manual schedule ( 10 minute default ). When I looked at the analytics page it says I have used 145 gallons of water which is certainly not true given the system ran for less than 10 or 15 minutes in total during setup ( a minute or two per zone, some running for 30 seconds).

I think there is some sort of bug when a manual schedule is cancelled, it seems like the analytics system assumes that he zone ran for the full duration and calculates the water usage based on that.

Thanks. Great product and a piece of cake to install. Can’t wait for V2.0 software to come out.


Hi @mschex, thanks for posting!

I understand your confusion with the numbers. Let’s try to break it down a bit. In reporting we do the following math:

  1. Take the square footage of 1000 feet (defaulted in the Advanced Settings) and multiplying that by the precipitation rate of the nozzle you choose per zone
  2. Divide #1 by the constant 96.25.
  3. Multiply #3 by the duration/length that you run your zone.

If you’d like to email our support team [] your Rachio username and/or Iro serial number, we’d be happy to review your zone settings in detail and double check the math for you.

Let me know if this helps answer your question.

Thanks! We’re excited too :smile:

Best, Emil