An unusual use for the Iro

The cottontail bunnies have made themselves at home in my yard for the last couple of years. They are not especially afraid of people, so when I see them getting too close to my veggie beds, I stomp my foot to chase them off, but they return very soon.

After I chased them off several times the other day, I grabbed my tablet and turned on the zone where they were sitting. As I stood in my kitchen, turned the sprinklers on, I watched them jump straight up in the air and head for the gate they sneak under. I didn’t see them until several days later.

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@sunny Love it! :rabbit:

I plan on trying this on the darn squirrels who are forever digging up my lawn. Can’ wait to try it!

Using IFTTT and a WeMo motion sensor you could keep them out forever :innocent:

Thx @franz! That is a good idea but but our cat likes to go out there and look around, eat some grass, chase bugs or whatever else. Unless it has some very strict weight discrimination, might be a problem.
Thx DD