An enhancement request when editing watering schedules


I’m a new user of the the Gen2 product. Lot’s of good stuff to like.

I did notice though that when creating or editing a watering schedule, you’re led through the process just fine. However, there isn’t a clear indication of once the edits have been completed, how to Save them. The choices in the screen are an X at the top right, which actually deletes or doesn’t save your edits or a Go Back arrow. Intuitively, the go back arrow would not indicate that saves the edits.

It took a couple of times clicking on the X, which deleted my edits, for me to figure out that clicking on the Back Arrow did save the changes.

It’d be great if you could add 2 buttons. One that is Save, another this is Cancel. And, perhaps even a warning banner that pops-up if you click cancel indicating your Edits will not be saved.


I agree 100% on this!

Thanks @iamgreek. Really appreciate the thoughts.

This is a challenging one for designers. Before we had the automatic save, we had folks suggesting automatic save because they didn’t remember to push the Save button before exiting the screen. I can definitely understand both sides.

Keep the ideas coming!

What would be really nice is that if you don’t make any changes to anything while you are in an edit screen, the back arrow just takes you back, but if you have made a change and you do NOT click on save, a pop up would say something like “discard changes, yes no”. IMHO this would be a lot better, especially with touch screens where you can change something accidentally and with kids playing with the phones.


I hear ya. I’ll bring it up with the dev team. Thanks!

I like @Linn 's idea. I find myself always double checking that I did it right, so in my case there are extra steps anyway. With the confirmation on exit I wouldn’t be so concerned.

I’ve also noticed some inconsistencies with the UI as regards to this functionality.

For example, if you go to to an existing watering schedule, scroll to Smart Features, select the Weather Intelligence section - the left arrow and X are present, but when you change one of the 4 settings, the left arrow disappears leaving the X as the only option for the user. Clicking the X does save the changes. This is different than the thread above where the X does not make the change and the left arrow does.

Need consistency here Rachio PM’s/Dev team.

Hey @iamgreek, could you throw in a screenshot of that here? I’m not sure where the X is coming from.