Amazon Echo Support Here!

For anyone who is curious I put a quick video together of the Echo working with my Rachio. I didn’t o too in depth and I also show how it works with LIFX bulbs. The Rachio part of the video is more towards the end.

Amazon Echo working with Lifx LED smart bulb and Rachio sprinkler timer

Thank you. Hope it helps


We use the Echo to control most of the lighting in our home. (And play music, make shopping and to-do lists, give us the weather reports and answer questions) I have a Rachio on the way, arriving tomorrow. I ordered it because of this feature.


I have tried everything on google and amazon to try to get my Alexa/ Echo to discover my Rachio unit and it cannot discover it.

I have updated all apps, reset wifi on both the Rachio and the Echo, Enabled the Rachio Skill on the Amazon app, etc. with no luck.

Please help.