Amazon Echo Support Here!

Fantastic! Really looking forward to this.

Ya going to be very cool. Still waiting for Amazon approval, will let everyone know when it has cleared that hurdle.



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Latest update…

“Our Alexa skill has been re-submitted for certification. Amazon asked for a few changes in how we said things. It seems to take about 4 days for them to get around to reviewing, so hopefully by next week we’ll be all set. They also added “Rachio” to their Lexicon, but that will take a few weeks to roll out to Alexa users.”


SWEET!!! I can’t wait to try it out!

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Just added the Rachio Skill to my Echo. I had Alexa water one of my Zones for 1 minute and it worked great. Is there a description of the other phrases that are available with the skill?

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@JohnF, great question. We’re working through a support article on all the phrases and will post shortly.

Any plans to allow it to support multiple units?

Any plans to allow it to support multiple units?

@donandersonjr Can you give us some examples of how you’d like to use Echo/Alexa with multiple devices?

@JohnF, yep! Please reference this support article to see all Alexa commands.

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Very cool!

I have close to 30 zones. It looks like Alexa will only tie into one controller. So if I asked Alexa to water a specific zone, it can only be the zones attached to the controller that is enabled for Alexa right?

Hi @donandersonjr!

You’re correct that you can only use the Rachio skill with the zones from the controller that you selected when you linked your rachio account to Alexa.


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I have a complaint regarding Alexa and Rachio. It’s annoying that I can’t simply ask Alexia to water my entire yard. The watering specific zones is nice and handy, but if I want to manually run one of programs, I don’t see that it’s possible to do. Any chance this will be added in the future?

Are there plans to implement the Echo controlling more than one controller? I have 26 zones and do not plan to purchase until I know integration will be smooth.

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Hi @mcrimm,

There aren’t any immediate plans to implement controlling zones across controllers. We’ve heard that users want this in the app as well as in our Alexa skill, so it’s on our backlogs of features to add.



It would be nice if, for example, the back yard controller went from zone 1-16 and front yard went from zone 17-32. While this could be confusing, with names assigned like ‘east side of driveway’ confusion could be reduced.


This is way to cool!

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For anyone who is curious I put a quick video together of the Echo working with my Rachio. I didn’t o too in depth and I also show how it works with LIFX bulbs. The Rachio part of the video is more towards the end.

Amazon Echo working with Lifx LED smart bulb and Rachio sprinkler timer

Thank you. Hope it helps


We use the Echo to control most of the lighting in our home. (And play music, make shopping and to-do lists, give us the weather reports and answer questions) I have a Rachio on the way, arriving tomorrow. I ordered it because of this feature.


I have tried everything on google and amazon to try to get my Alexa/ Echo to discover my Rachio unit and it cannot discover it.

I have updated all apps, reset wifi on both the Rachio and the Echo, Enabled the Rachio Skill on the Amazon app, etc. with no luck.

Please help.