Amazon Deal of the Day

Amazon is selling the 8 or 16 zone IRO for 20% off for the next 15 hours or until they sell out. Might be a good time to buy.

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Thanks for sharing @Norida! This is a great deal for anyone still thinking about buying an Iro. For details, here’s the daily special. Limited quantity, good luck!

FYI - I bought mine on Thursday before the deal of the day came out. I contacted Amazon and they refunded me the difference. Awesome customer support makes for happy customers!



That is great news! Happy to hear that Amazon took care of you.


Thanks for the heads up! I contacted Amazon too, it took a while to get a refund on this. They first said to order it from the promotion and then return it, which I felt was more effort and honestly more expensive for amazon, plus felt a little shady. They they offered a partial refund and finally when I asked if there was someone else I should ask since I heard others get a full refund they gave the full match as a 1 time exception!

Thank you @Norida! As soon as I saw your post yesterday I got on Amazon support chat and they refunded me the difference right away. I had purchased the 16 zone version about 10 days ago.


Happy to hear a few of you saved some money. I wish I had waited to buy mine from Amazon. I still haven’t installed my unit which I bought directly from Rachio.

A few years ago I thought about how nice a web/smart phone enabled sprinkler controller would be but couldn’t find anything. Fast forward to yesterday and I was thinking about home automation stuff and googling to see if the Homekit had made any progress adding new devices. During my searches Rachio popped up on a result page and caught my eye. This was early (really early) yesterday morning. After reading more about Rachio I decided to maybe get one in a month or so after the new S/W release. Then as I was reading the Rachio forum I noticed the Amazon sale notice. I’d checked Amazon earlier and the price hadn’t been lowered. So, I checked again and couldn’t resist. :grinning: Was this coincidence, fate or just blind luck?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Glsmall Maybe all three? :wink: Welcome aboard and please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.