Always runs...even when it rains

I created an automatic schedule where I have little control over when it waters because it uses the closest weather station to determine when to water. In the past few weeks, I have woken up to it running even though it rained recently, but figured we didn’t get enough rain for it to cancel the schedule. This morning I hear the system running even after it rained off and on all day yesterday and had heavy downpours throughout the night (thunderstorms). This is TOTALLY WORTHLESS if it doesn’t know not to run after it rains…it’s nothing but a manual system at this point since I have to delete the schedule so it stops running when the grass when the grass is already saturated. If I lived in Houston, the thing would probably still be running every day. I’m so disappointed with this right now!

I live in Houston and I still like my Rachio, with minor reservations.

My guess is that the associated weather station doesn’t report rain. I had that happen when I first set up. There is a way to look at the reported information from the weather station to see what it is reporting. Found one slightly farther away and it functions as expected.


I just switched to Rachio from a competing irrigation controller because the previous was watering yet not reporting or logging anywhere that it executed a watering task (not even on the front of the controller display). The grass is not greener elsewhere, but I feel your pain!. :slight_smile:

I checked the weather station and they reported .17 in of precipitation on the day that it still watered. I deleted that ‘Flexible Daily’ schedule and added a ‘Fixed Day’ schedule.

This morning it skipped watering and said in the email “your weather station has observed 0.28 in of precipitation in the past 24 hours” along with “Your current Rain Skip threshold is 0.125 in of precipitation”. So either the threshold is higher for the ‘Flexible’ schedule than it is for the ‘Fixed’, or it did not work correctly. It should be the same for both or give me the ability to edit it regardless…I look like a fool watering my lawn when it is raining outside.

I’m glad it works on this setting at least, but there is room for improvement when it comes to rain settings. It would be nice if it used the local forecast from or something, instead of the weather stations. It still wouldn’t be 100% accurate, but could modify the watering schedule based on the 7 day forecast.

Hey @dkershey-

Flex relies heavily on zone settings in conjunction with weather. Since you discovered your station is reporting correctly, it most likely had to do with your zone configurations not fitting your landscapes needs. Flex takes a bit more configuring to get right, but if you are interested in giving it another shot, this community is a great place to turn to for help! Let us know.

McKynzee :rachio:

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Thanks, but I have all my zones set up for foliage type, slope and such, so it shouldn’t be any more difficult than that. It should recognize that there was heavy rain and skip the schedule. I’d rather it save the water now (= money) and run on a dry day when the grass really needs it. I like the Rachio and was just upset when it was watering when it didn’t need to, I just want to set it and forget it. Changing the schedule type seems to be a simpler solution, although the flex would be cool if it functioned correctly for me.

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I had this same problem. Added a Rainbird WR2 rain/freeze sensor for more “input”. So far it seems to be working fine.

Problem Im seeing now is closest weather station from me is like 7 miles so it reports rain that I never see and then my rachio doesnt run. I have a feeling I’ll end up running some on-site PWS or something.

I had a similar thing with mine. Problem was none of the weather stations near me reported properly.

I got myself a weather station off eBay (thing is awesome even without needing the rachio), and hooked it up to the net, and set it as the weather station. It uploads when it rains, and my rachio hasn’t tried watering for like 4 months since it’s been wet here.


May I ask what kind you bought?

It’s a pantech wifi weather station. Just off eBay.

It took a bit of tinkering to get it uploading onto a website that rachio uses, but pretty easy to be honest.

It’s a handy weather station.

Made a video about it for my YouTube channel actually.