Alternative to wind skip?

I am using Flex Daily, utilizing odd day schedule. I had a wind skip yesterday, and now my schedule will not execute until tomorrow. My question is: is there a way to set up so that if it skips in the morning (schedule to end by sunrise), can I have it shift to the evening to see if the wind is calm enough to run then? We are in extreme heat yesterday and today, and now I am unable to water until tomorrow.

At this time, there is no way to do this that I can think of. How windy was it yesterday? Could you raise the wind skip threshold?

I have it set to 10 mph. Thoughts on what I should have this at?

Also, what happened to the “water more” and “water less” buttons on the individual zones within the app?

You might be able to raise that a bit. It kind of depends on what kind of sprinkler nozzles you have. Standard spray nozzles will be more affected by wind as the droplets are so small. Rotor, or rotary nozzles will be able to overcome a bit more wind…

The “water more” is a new feature that was added to allow for adjustments if you see that things are overwatering, or underwatering. There are a couple threads on here about it. Jury is still out on exactly how it works, or how it calculates “a little more/less” or “a lot more/less”.

I do not have it on my app anymore though…