Allowing Rain Sensor to Be Bypassed on a Zone-By-Zone Basis


I would like to remove zones from the rain sensor “all or nothing" feature, and I understand that this has been an issue dating back to 2015 (from my brief review of others’ posts). I have drip lines under my pier and beam house, and I have to run them every day to keep the moisture level constant and prevent my house from shifting. Therefore, I need to keep those zones on even if the rain sensor is triggered, and right now I have to do a manual override every time (which is a hassle). I emailed support, and this was their response:

" The Rain Sensor is going to be an all or nothing setting. If you would like to utilize the Rachio’s settings for skipping runs based on Weather Intelligence, you can enable and disable this setting between schedules, but not Zones. I’ll be sure to pass this along to our team for review. If you’d like to get a conversation started with other users on the community, I suggest submitting a post through our Community Forum. This just allows other people to get involved and +1 your suggestion. We keep a close eye on our Community."

So I guess this is me asking the Community to “+1” this post to move the issue to the front of the line for the software folks!


Thanks for the suggestion @zmsp07 :slight_smile: I’ll make sure our product team sees this!


I’m not fully understanding the issue. Something like this, in my mind, would have its own schedule separate from your normal drip. You can omit schedules from weather skips…


You cannot omit individual schedules from the physical rain sensor if you have one installed. This is a repeated request which makes sense for covered porch plants and greenhouses.


Precisely. I live in the country, and the “weather intelligence” feature is useless to me because the nearest weather station might as well be in Timbuktu as far as accuracy in predicting whether I will get rain or not. Therefore, I HAVE to use the physical rain sensor if I’m going to avoid overwatering my yard. However, I cannot automatically “override” the “OFF” feature on the rain sensor for certain zones that still need to be watered even if the rain sensor is triggered. In addition to my situation, covered porch plants and greenhouses are good examples of where this feature would be needed as well (as scorp508 points out).

From what I can tell, this has been an issue for a while now, and the product team keeps saying “it’s on our list of things to do, but it is not a priority right now.” Since 2015, Rachio has completely updated its user interface on my iPhone, and yet they can’t install a simple override for the rain sensor?!? I mean c’mon, I’m not a software guru, but I would think a software intern could bang it out in less than a week! DEAR RACHIO, LET’S MAKE THIS A PRIORITY NOW!!


Sorry, for some reason when I was reading the post, I was seeing the rain skips in my head (weather intelligence). Carry on!